Hussam Al-Azzawi
Former Campaigns Team Member
Isabella Lee
Former Campaigns Team Member
Alex Kim
Former ghU Team member
Esperance Mutinowase
Former Global Partnerships team member.
Aimee Hwang
Yao Wang
Former Campaigns team member
Diana Hockett
Former Campaigns team member
Michael Stamos
Former Communications Team Member
Helena Zhang
Lucy Huang
Andrew Brook
Joyce Chang
Abby Brockman
Bella Levy
Nick Hadjimichael
Stratton Tolmie
Deneb Zavala
Aliya Moreira
Former Internal Co-President 2016-2017.
Aliya graduated in 2017 majoring in Biology and Psychology, and on the Pre-Med track. She joined GlobeMed to learn about the determinants of health that aren’t covered in her pre-medical education. She valued the opportunity GlobeMed provided to raise awareness of the complexities of health both domestically and abroad.
Victoria Otero
Victoria graduated in 2016 and was a Local Partnerships Team member. She majored in Environmental Studies with an interest in ecological restoration and environmental entrepreneurship. Her concern for global health equity was inspired by her experience of getting super sick during a solo trip she took to Tunisia and navigating the healthcare system there. Victoria loves GlobeMed for the community of students and organizations who are passionate about addressing issues of health inequity.
Olivia Clink
Olivia graduated in 2016 and was a Communications Team member. She majored in Public Policy and Environmental Studies. She enjoyed working on the Communications team because she got to share all of GlobeMed’s amazing accomplishments with the college and the greater Chicago community. In her free time, she loves checking out Chicago’s restaurant scene and running by Lake Michigan.
Sneha Chebrolu
Sneha graduated in 2016 and was a Global Partnerships Team member. She majored in Public Policy with a concentration in health. She is particularly interested in understanding health care systems, improving the health of communities, and increasing access to quality health care. She joined GlobeMed because of its sustainable partnership model and approach to global health. In her free time, she enjoys traveling to new places and nature photography.
Tze Ern Teo
Former External Co-President 2015-2016.
Tze majored in Philosophy and hails from the sunny shores of Singapore. He is passionate about international development and diplomacy, and in particular the roles that they play in delivering peace, security, dignity, and basic rights to people around the world. He spends his free time following Manchester United, playing video games and falling behind on readings for classes.
Victoria Liu
Former Internal Co-President 2015-2016.
Victoria majored in Public Policy with a minor in Statistics. She joined GlobeMed her first year of college because she was curious to learn more about global health, and she remained in the organization because of all the incredible people she has met through it. She is currently pursuing a career in consulting at L.E.K. Consulting.
Adil Menon
Former ghU Co-Director 2015-2016.
Adil is originally from Cleveland, Ohio. During his time at the university, he majored in the History, Philosophy, and Social Science of Science and Medicine (HIPS) with a concentration in medical history and bioethics. Adil also served as an editor for the Triple Helix undergraduate research journal, and mentored adolescents affected by sickle cell disease for the STRIVE program.
Aixin Chen
Former Campaigns Co-Director 2015-2016.
Aixin was involved in GlobeMed for all four years of college, and found her involvement in it to be
one of the most defining experiences at the UofC. Aixin enjoys dancing, playing with paint, rock climbing, and being the kitchen czar in her apartment.
Priyanka Mysore
Former Community Building Director 2015-2016.
Priyanka majored in Comparative Human Development and minored in Molecular Engineering. GlobeMed inspired her and strengthened her interest in Global Health and health inequities.
Louise Judge
Former Finance Director 2015-2016.
Louise majored in Biology and English Literature. She comes from sunny Pasadena, California. She is particularly interested in public health and education. She enjoys going running, watching Doctor Who and baseball, and reading all sorts of books.
Jeanne Chauffour
Former Internal Co-President of 2015, Jeanne majored in History, Philosophy, and Social Studies of Science and Medicine and minoring in Human Rights. She was formerly a Director of Community Building and Director of Campaigns before becoming Internal Co-President; she was was on the 2014 GROW Team. She worked on health education in CPS and health advocacy on campus. Jeanne is pursuing a Master of Science in Global Health and Population at the Harvard T. H. Chan School of Public Health.
Carrie Chui
Graduating in 2015, Carrie was a former Communications Director.
Ali Greatsinger
Graduating in 2014, Ali was a former ghU Director and participated in the 2014 GROW trip. Up until 2015, Ali worked as a research/production assistant at Brown Doggy Pictures and is currently working for AmeriCorps VISTA at Feeding America Southwest Virginia.
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