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GlobeMed is an equity-focused RSO that engages with community health in three ways: supporting a grassroots partner overseas, supporting a grassroots partner in Chicago, and educating the University of Chicago campus. 

GlobeMed was founded with the intent to challenge traditional models of global health work. GlobeMed@UChicago is 1 of 60 college chapters around the world that work toward this goal. Rather than engage in short-term aid, GlobeMed promotes a model of long-term, sustained partnership working alongside grassroots health leaders with expert knowledge of their own communities. Find out more about the organization as a whole here.

We are unique in our chapter structure. Based on individual interests, members are sorted into 6 teams: Local Partnerships, Communications, Campaigns, Internal Development, Research & Education, and Global Partnerships. Each team contributes directly to our chapter, partners, and campus community. We encourage collaboration across all teams to foster an interdisciplinary model that inspires brainstorming, innovation, and creativity.

We take membership applications in the first three weeks of the Fall quarter. Find out more in our Application Cycle page.

New Local Partnership

2019 marks a year of great change for GlobeMed at UChicago. We have begun a new global partnership with Options For Youth (OFY). GlobeMed at UChicago is extremely excited for all of the possible ways we can support OFY and to learn everything we can in this new partnership.

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Check out our Quarterly Pages this past summer, Autumn, and Winter Quarter. Read all about our members' health-related summer activities, recaps of the campaigns we have put on, and more!

Winter 2016 Newsletter

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