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Spring Quarter Movie 2016

To wrap up the year, we made a movie! Thank you for your continuous support throughout the year. We had a lot of fun selling bubble tea, doing the rummage sale, and hosting our educational events, Film Fest and Global Getdown. 

Spring Quarter Movie 2016

Last spring, we worked with our partner, ASPAT-Peru, on an application for a CAN $112,000 Grand Challenges Canada Grant, submitting a proposal for a pilot program for a biometric TB patient tracking system in Lima.


With the help of Operation ASHA, ASPAT and GlobeMed at the University of Chicago collaboratively wrote a proposal. After a round of popular voting in late spring, ASPAT was informated that they had been selected as finalists. Currently, project development is well underway. The program is slated to launch in mid winter 2015.


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SisBioTB Press Release

April 19, 2015


In October 2014, GlobeMed at the University of Chicago and its partner organization, Asociación de Personas Afectadas por Tuberculosis del Perú (ASPAT-Peru), were awarded the Grand Challenges Canada Stars in Global Health grant, valued at CAD $112,000, to develop and pilot the first biometric patient tracking system in Peru for tuberculosis (TB) patients. The system, entitled Sistema Biometrico de TB (SisBioTB), was recognized by the Canadian government and Peru’s Consejo Nacional de Ciencia, Tecnología e Innovación Tecnológica (CONCYTEC) as a project with the potential to revolutionize the fight against multidrug-resistant tuberculosis, MDR-TB, in Peru.  

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