2015 GROW Trip

Every summer, GlobeMed at the University of Chicago sends a group of interns down to our partner organization, ASPAT-Peru, to work on project development, review fundraising strategies, and outline strategic goals for the upcoming school year. Our primary objective for these weeks is to conduct an assessment of ASPAT's needs and capabilities, and more importantly, to work with ASPAT to lay the foundations for a long-term strategic plan that will maximize impact.

Intern spotlight: Victoria
Victoria is a rising fourth year studying Public Policy and Statistics. She joined GlobeMed fall quarter of her first year, and will be continuing on this year as Internal Co-President. This will be her first time in South America, and she is excited for the opportunity to finally conduct on-site work with GlobeMed's partner ASPAT PERU and to meet the local community health workers!
Intern sportlight: Priya
Priya is a rising fourth-year, majoring in Comparative Human Development with a minor in Molecular Engineering, from Portland, Oregon. She is a research assistant at the Chicago Center for HIV Elimination, and hopes to enter a career in medicine. During this internship, she hopes to gain a greater understanding of the methods that can be used to decrease healthcare disparities and improve global health. She also hopes to forge some new friendships and learn more about Peruvian culture, as she ha
Intern spotlight: Chiara
Chiara is a fourth year Comparative Human Development major. She is also pre-med and plans to go to medical school after taking a gap year. She joined the campaigns team of our GlobeMed chapter in her second year. In going on GROW, she hopes to be able to develop a more personal connection to ASPAT and is very excited to gain a better understanding of the work that ASPAT does.
Intern spotlight: Tze
Tze is, unfortunately, a rising senior majoring in Philosophy. Despite knowing nothing about global health, he joined GlobeMed in his first year and somehow forgot to leave. He is currently the external co-president, and can't wait to hang out with ASPAT over GROW.
Intern spotlight: Nick
Nick is a second year studying Econ and Philosophy. He joined GlobeMed in his first year per his sister's suggestion and will be the Director of Partnerships this coming year. He is very excited to meet Melecio and Judy as well as further strengthen our partnership with ASPAT.
Sept. 2nd
The 2015 GROW trip kicked off, and we met with Melecio, ASPAT's founder and executive director, to review our respective goals and expectations for this three-week long internship.
Machu Picchu
The GROW team climbed Machu Picchu Montaña.
The GROW team is presenting their initial recommendations for the organization's strategic plan and discussing how they can best help ASPAT in the fight to end TB!
Strategic planning
Strategic planning is better with jello.
Last day in the ASPAT Peru Office
While we're sad to say goodbye to all the incredible people we've met in Peru, we can't wait to share all that we've learned with the rest of our chapter and to continue building on the strategic framework we laid out with our partner!
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