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2016 GROW Trip

Once again, our GlobeMed chapter is sending a team of interns to our partner organization, ASPAT-PERU, for the summer. The GROW interns will help strategize and work on project development for the upcoming year. This year, a particular focus of ours is to increase transparency to maximize our impact and help ASPAT move closer to sustainable organizational practices.

Intern Spotlight: Ayling

Ayling is a first year premed student who joined the ghU team in the fall. As a GROW intern, she is looking forward to developing a greater firsthand knowledge of global health and experiencing Peruvian culture! If Ayling could only eat one food for the rest of her life, it would be ‘Pan Mexicano’, and her spirit animal is a bunny.

Aliya Moreira

Aliya is a fourth year premedical Biology and Psychology major. She will be Internal President this coming year, and is excited to learn more about Peruvian healthcare systems, develop our partnership, and to practice her Spanish!

Intern Spotlight: Shamini

Meet Shamini, a second year prospective Public Policy and Psychology major. She joined GlobeMed in the fall and will be traveling to Peru this summer as a member of the 2016 GROW team. Shamini is passionate about community welfare and social development, and her hobbies include yoga, Pilates, and film-making.

Intern Spotlight: Bella

Bella is a second year pursuing a double major in Biology and Anthropology. She is interested in global health and hopes to explore the complex dynamics driving the delivery of healthcare around the world. She is very excited to help strengthen the GlobeMed X ASPAT-PERU partnership this summer, and she enjoys traveling and watching Netflix in her spare time.

Intern Spotlight: Richard

Richard is a first year prospective Public Policy major who joined our Partnerships team in the fall and is a 2016 GROW intern. His life goal is to promote social action and sustainable practices worldwide, and he enjoys online shopping, travel vlogs, and food documentaries.

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